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Shinichi Tanaka
Kieler Lachsforelle
Fischzucht Reese
Im Garten

Our philosophy:
a concert of the senses

We combine exquisite Japanese culinary culture with high-quality regional ingredients to compose outstanding menus. 

This concept may sound unusual at first. However, we are convinced: culture - including food culture - unfolds particularly richly in exchange and cooperation with the people in the region. 

For you as our guests, this means: You will experience the full sophistication of Japanese cuisine by means of unexpected delights for the palate, unique taste experiences and dishes that we artfully arrange into delicate feasts for the eyes. 

And: You will experience all this by means of high-quality, carefully selected foodstuffs that originate from Schleswig-Holstein. These include, for example, Kiel salmon trout and Wagyu beef, which we source from North Friesland.

Finely prepared
Japanese fine dining means that we create a high level of enjoyment for you from a fixed sequence of dishes. This art of culinary seduction dates back to the tradition of Kaiseki: a light, multi-course meal originally served at the tea ceremony. Our executive chef Shinichi Tanaka develops contemporary Japanese haute cuisine from this tradition, guiding each step with an unerring eye for quality and a fine sense of exquisite taste – from the careful selection of high-quality ingredients to the refined preparation and a high sense of aesthetics in the presentation on the plate. 

A chord of indulgence
The finesse of top Japanese gastronomy also includes the sequence of dishes as a total work of art. A single dish, however outstanding, has nothing in common with the deeper pleasure of fine dining. Only when our guests enjoy the menu as a whole, they can immerse themselves in the special culinary world of Japanese fine dining. This is ensured not only by the dishes but also by our fine sake and wines. Our sommelier NAME will recommend the best drinks to accompany your menu.


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