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Head chef:  
Shin ichi TANAKA

料理長  田中 真一  
"A feast of taste"

Experience Japanese cuisine at its best: 

We combine regional ingredients from Schleswig-Holstein with traditional preparation methods of Japanese cuisine. This special variation of Japanese fine dining can only be found here in Kiel.


Ichi is a Japanese fine dining restaurant that brings Japanese dining culture to Kiel - for gourmet lovers from all over the world. 


At Ichi, we offer exquisite fine dining in the tradition of Japanese omakase: the chef determines the menu – you enjoy.


Our executive chef Shinichi Tanaka composes a selection of exquisite menus for you: in harmony with the seasonally available ingredients, high-quality, regional products and with all the refinement of Japanese cuisine.


Join us on a culinary journey of pleasure into the world of Japanese fine dining!

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ICHI Japanese Fine Dining
ICHI Japanese Fine Dining
ICHI Japanese Fine Dining
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